BT_whiteBrothers Twin® is a publishing company like no other. They say iron sharpens iron and what better place to start than in the womb? Michael and Daniel Agnew have been bouncing stories off each other since their dark days of home movies and never quite lost the habit. Now they find themselves writing novels amidst a world of work, study and misadventure. Brothers Twin® began in 2018 to bring their brand of Aussie literature to the world.

When they’re not brainstorming a new idea for a novel, board game or film script, the twins like to go surfing, sword fighting or muck around with guitars. They are also part of the development team at Garage Games Australia, which in 2017 released a medieval card game called Reign.



Daniel Agnew is a writer, historian, swordsman and classics graduate from the Australian National University. He has a passion for reviving so-called dead languages, everything from Ancient Greek and Latin to Irish and Scottish Gaelic. His interest in medieval longsword masters, especially Fiore and Lichtenauer, has served him well both on the battlefield and on his weekly blog. His debut novel, Ariadne, follows the rise and fall of three great civilisations and the turbulent life of a young priestess determined to survive.


DSC_0158Michael Agnew is a maths graduate from University of Wollongong currently studying data science at Monash University. He achieved a 99.85 ATAR in 2011 and has a passion for cutting edge science, especially nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and computational knot theory. You can find out more at his blog deepthoughtdatascience.com .